Time flies when you’re going to have fun!!

Well, well, well. Only 40 days to go now! I can’t believe it’s so soon!

It’s been an amazing ride so far… vendors are signing up for the Health & Wellness Expo, participants are registering at Events Online, and preparations for the Kidz Zone and Friday Night Pasta Party are really coming together!

Two weeks ago, we had a bit of a heart-thumping moment when we received an email from Jeffrey Preston, who was scheduled to be our guest speaker. He received the fantastic news that he was selected to play on the London, Ontario electric wheelchair hockey team in the national tournament! WOW!! What an opportunity for him! However, the tournament was scheduled for exactly the same weekend as our event, so he would be unable to attend our event and felt very bad for the short notice.

Of course we wish Jeffrey all the best in this exciting opportunity and will cheer him on from Neustadt!

So… who to get at this late date?? Hmmmmm…..

While we hummed and hawed about this, the day to day happenings continued. Phone calls and emails and updating our registered participants. Then I saw the name. Registered for our 10k run. Local media celebrity J.C. Coutts!

“I wonder….” I thought to myself.

I sent him an email and kept my fingers crossed. Within 2 hours he accepted!!! YAY!!! J.C. has been an avid supporter of Easter Seals for quite some time, has hosted many local events and I knew he would be an incredible addition to our Opening Ceremonies! Thank you so much, J.C.!!

The deadline for our Advanced Registration is fast approaching on June 30th, so if you haven’t already registered, please visit our website and sign up today! You can also order tickets for our Friday Night Pasta Party and the delicious Fireman’s Breakfast for Saturday morning!

See you there!


About run4youth

The Colleen Lantz Memorial Run 4 Youth Inc. is a not-for-profit organization committed to carrying on the dream of Colleen Lantz, a local runner from Neustadt, ON, by increasing the health and wellness of local communities while at the same time raising awareness and funds for local youth-oriented charitable organizations.
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