Pledging made EASY!!!

Here we GO!!  Online registration… CHECK!  Online pledging… CHECK!   Health & Wellness vendors confirming… CHECK!  Sponsors confirming… CHECK!  Friday night Pasta Party plans coming along… CHECK!

THIS is going to be an outstanding year for the 5th Annual Run 4 Youth!  Our online registration is now open AND we’ve made it easier than ever for you to get pledges.  When you complete your online registration through Events Online, you will be given a link that you can send to your friends and family so they can pledge you directly!  Send them an email, include it on your blog, post it on Twitter or share it on Facebook!

Remember:  when you reach $100 in pledges, your registration is FREE!!!

Visit the Run4Youth website to register and get more information!

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What a great write up!!

We are so flattered by the following article that was written by Narda Elvidge for the Mount Forest Confederate. Thank you so much!

In a word, Saturday’s annual Colleen Lantz Memorial Run 4 Youth was… phenomenal! Her zest for life, her passion for health and fitness, and the well being of her community are at the forefront of this event each and every year. Her presence is felt in the hearts and minds of every participant.

The aim this year was for “bigger and better” and by all accounts the race attained that goal and so much more. There were 391 participants competing under hot weather conditions, but they still came through with some impressive finish times.

The race courses hold special meaning for Alecia Lantz, President/Race Director/Event Coordinator. “The 5k and 10k race courses that we have professionally certified against international standard are very significant to our organization as these are the race routes Colleen and I used to run together. It means so much to be able to share these same routes with our race participants.”

There was a huge pasta party and live music on Friday night, providing the participants with a carb-filled feast. Registration took place online and in person on race day with those who fund-raised $100 being able to participate for free! The Neustadt arena was the focal point for Saturday starting with a moving sunrise tribute to Colleen. This was followed by a Fireman’s breakfast at the arena, which coincided with registration for the 1km Kidz Race, 5km walk/run/stroller roll/team challenge and 10km run.

Joanne Barber of Owen Sound was busy doing leg stretches in readiness of the 5km race. She, with her family, was looking forward to a great day. “This is our first time. My daughter and son-in-law have “Runners Den” in Owen Sound but we’ve always had a commitment on this exact same day so this is the first time we’ve come down. We’ve heard so much about it. We brought a friend who was up for the weekend, he’s from Ancaster and he is a race director for a large road race in Ancaster called ‘The Old Mill”. He said ‘Wow, this is phenomenal!”

Local media celebrity J. C. Coutts was on hand to help with the opening ceremonies. “It was a wonderful event and I was really honoured to be asked to speak and be a part of it.” He was especially honoured to meet Natalie McDonald and see the wonderful job the event was doing to raise funds for Easter Seals this year. “I think events like this are amazing and it’s incredible to see so many different people come out and take part and support a great cause. I’ve seen the event grow so much in the last few years I’ve lived here and I’m already excited about what next year’s event will be like.”

All the results have been posted on and the top finishers of the 10km Run and 5km Run were: 10km Run – Joe Chappel of Glammis in 38:42.7; and Janet Gamble of Owen Sound in 41:10.5. 5km Run – Ryan Bartja of Listowel in 19:23.0; and Veronica Allan of Shallow Lake in 21:02.2. 10km Run Masters – Doug Crain of Chatsworth in 40.28.2; and Dianne Misch of Dobbinton in 48:30.5.

A health and wellness expo took place in the arena with wide range of products and services available. Whether shown through demonstration or related to you via someone’s personal experience, you were offered a day of information; plus family entertainment of Erik Traplin.

“Each and every year our board works very hard to keep making improvements over the previous event.” Alecia Lantz said. “We take all feedback very seriously as we want to ensure that we meet the expectations of our guests. I am so proud of the way everything came together for us this year. This event has kept the dream Colleen and I shared alive. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of this very special day. We look forward to seeing everyone again on Friday and Saturday, August 10-11, 2012, in support of the new Children’s Safety Village.”

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Thank you!!!

We are so pleased with the show of support this year! We had a real flurry of activity as participants signed up through Events Online (which can be reached through our website) before the Early Bird Registration cut off of June 30th, but with the proceeds going to such a great charity like Easter Seals, we are still getting phone calls and people dropping in to register today!

The feedback has been amazing — many previous participants sharing with us that the Run 4 Youth is one of the best runs they attend each year. In addition to the overwhelming local support, we have people come from Toronto, Hamilton, London, Windsor as well as other provinces and even from the U.S.!! We are just happy that our event is enjoyed by everyone so much and that we can provide an avenue of support for our yearly chosen charities.

Thank you to everyone!!

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Time flies when you’re going to have fun!!

Well, well, well. Only 40 days to go now! I can’t believe it’s so soon!

It’s been an amazing ride so far… vendors are signing up for the Health & Wellness Expo, participants are registering at Events Online, and preparations for the Kidz Zone and Friday Night Pasta Party are really coming together!

Two weeks ago, we had a bit of a heart-thumping moment when we received an email from Jeffrey Preston, who was scheduled to be our guest speaker. He received the fantastic news that he was selected to play on the London, Ontario electric wheelchair hockey team in the national tournament! WOW!! What an opportunity for him! However, the tournament was scheduled for exactly the same weekend as our event, so he would be unable to attend our event and felt very bad for the short notice.

Of course we wish Jeffrey all the best in this exciting opportunity and will cheer him on from Neustadt!

So… who to get at this late date?? Hmmmmm…..

While we hummed and hawed about this, the day to day happenings continued. Phone calls and emails and updating our registered participants. Then I saw the name. Registered for our 10k run. Local media celebrity J.C. Coutts!

“I wonder….” I thought to myself.

I sent him an email and kept my fingers crossed. Within 2 hours he accepted!!! YAY!!! J.C. has been an avid supporter of Easter Seals for quite some time, has hosted many local events and I knew he would be an incredible addition to our Opening Ceremonies! Thank you so much, J.C.!!

The deadline for our Advanced Registration is fast approaching on June 30th, so if you haven’t already registered, please visit our website and sign up today! You can also order tickets for our Friday Night Pasta Party and the delicious Fireman’s Breakfast for Saturday morning!

See you there!

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89 Days To Go!

So, here we are… less than 3 months to go until the big event on Friday, August 5th and Saturday, August 6th! We have our website up and running, online registration is set up, we have flyers ready to go, Pasta Party tickets are being printed, AND we’ve got some wonderful support from our sponsors!!

Gay Lea Foods
Investment Planning Counsel
Runner’s Den, Owen Sound
Grant’s, Your Independent Grocer
Germania Mutual Insurance
Silver Stream Publications
Hi Tech Restorations & Contracting
Price Schonstrom
Tim Horton’s
Sun Life Financial
The Durrer Group
Bliss Aesthetics
Stoltz Sales & Service

Thank you so much to each of our sponsors!

We are also gearing up for the Health & Wellness Expo on Saturday, August 6th. With the help of Jennifer Swindlehurst of Jenn’s Juice Pluswe are signing up excited vendors for this year’s event! Last year we had an estimated 1500 people attend our Health & Wellness Expo and this year we are shooting for over 2000!! If you’d like to be a part of our Expo, you can register by clicking here!

The excitement is building and we are all looking forward to making this 4th Annual Run 4 Youth bigger and better than ever! This year, we are proud to support Easter Seals.

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Here we go!

Well, things are coming along nicely. Our website will be live shortly thanks to the talents of Dan Weber of Silver Stream Publications as well as online registration through EventsOnline.

Please check back often as we will be updating this regularily! Hope to see you there!

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